And many more!!

For the last 5+ months Steve and I haven’t done many touristy things. So when Steve had his 61st Birthday on a p-day, it was an opportunity we couldn’t let pass! We had to do something to mark his special day! So we went to La Fortuna to see the Arenal Lake and Volcano.

Celebrating above Lake Aranal in Costa Rica!

This is Arenal Lake – it is beautiful and quite large. The Arenal Volcano was a bit embarrassed and didn’t really show off its fine volcanic proportions. By the end of our hike we only managed to get a picture of the foothills of Vulcan Arenal.

We hiked for 4 km on the trails and hanging bridges that loop around the sides of the volcano. We both like a good walk and we topped off our fun day with a visit to a local specialty restaurant – Yellow Bark. They specialize in GREAT Burgers!

A well earned lunch!!

Here is Steve – showing off his Gordito Burger, papas fritas, and Limonada! Happy Birthday to Steve – my amazing compañero!

2 thoughts on “And many more!!

  1. Happy birthday steve. Wow what a burger. You guys look great and what a beautiful place you’re serving in.


    1. Thanks Shirley! It was a fun day! I loved it! Steve did get tired of driving though – but he passed when I offered. I think he just can’t relax on these roads so he feels like he might as well drive. He sure isn’t going to sleep! But I did:-)


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