Romantic Love

We all want true love – that special someone who will share our hopes and our dreams. That person we can grow old with, the one person who knows us at our worst, and rejoices with us at our best. We all want that happily ever after. Unfortunately for many of us, happily ever afterContinue reading “Romantic Love”

To the Osprey

You can see the osprey nest from our deck. Have you ever seen a baby osprey? Come and look through the telescope. You’ll see the chick. He’s so ugly, he’s cute. He has a scrawny neck. Can you can see him? It’s that tiny head peaking up over the edge of all that nesting wood.Continue reading “To the Osprey”

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April 2020

Native American Art

I found a display of Native American Birdstones in the Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. These particular birds are dated much earlier than the pipe in Mira & Jax and the Mound Builders. These birds piques the imagination of what Jax’s bird pipe may have looked like.

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