The Handsome Prince

Prince Gant was young, tall, and extremely good-looking with the most penetrating green eyes anyone in the kingdom had ever seen. When he spoke all the notable men and women of the land stopped what they were doing and listened to him. With the beautiful Princess Everly already devoted to him, he was destined to be a great King. But,Continue reading “The Handsome Prince”

Serpent Mound

This past October I visited the sacred Serpent Mound in Ohio for the first time. It was a beautiful place and the size was amazing! No picture can really describe the way you feel as you walk around such a monument. It is almost mythic in proportions! Serpents are sacred animals in many cultures. Among the Nephites, the story ofContinue reading “Serpent Mound”

Sacred Space

Various native traditions and stories are associated with Serpent Mound. Mekoce Shawnee Chief, Frank Wilson, tells a story that connects the mound with a ritual of spiritual cleansing: If you count the curves in the Serpent, there’s seven of them, there’s seven curves before it gets to the head. And seven, the way I was taught, for the Shawano people,Continue reading “Sacred Space”

Ohio’s Mounds

This is a picture of the Fort Ancient entrance – not an easy place to enter if you aren’t wanted! The Book of Mormon supports such sites when it reads “…the Lamanites could not get into their forts of security by any other way save by the entrance, because of the highness of the bank which had been thrown up,Continue reading “Ohio’s Mounds”

Fort Ancient

The site is completely surrounded by one long enclosure mound. Approximately 32 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, lies the Fort Ancient Mound Builder site. Though abandoned as a permanent settlement prior to European contact, Fort Ancient is considered a sacred space by many Native Americans. Fort Ancient people observed important lunar events. At the gateway, one mound marks three importantContinue reading “Fort Ancient”

Woodland Indians

Recreated Temple mound at Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, rising 17′ tall and 223′ x 178′ at the base, the mound was the center of all village activities.

Promised Land

This monument at the Big Horn Battlefield in Montana is to commemorate the Native American way of life that was uprooted and destroyed by European peoples immigrating from Europe in the 1800’s. The scattering of the Native Americans were foretold by their ancient forefathers – they would be “scattered before the Gentiles and smitten.” Yet, their Fathers assured them thatContinue reading “Promised Land”

Native American Art

I found a display of Native American Birdstones in the Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. These particular birds are dated much earlier than the pipe in Mira & Jax and the Mound Builders. These birds piques the imagination of what Jax’s bird pipe may have looked like.


No matter who you are or where you live, you are a part of society and, as such, you are subject to society’s influences. The people who raise you, teach you, and entertain you will have an effect on your personal values. As mindful individuals, we need to be aware of the influences that shape ourselves and our families. ThisContinue reading “Influence”

Teacher’s Influence (4 of 4)

With a quick flick of his wrist, Gavin grabbed for my hat exposing my newly shaved head.  “You cut it off!” He exclaimed, shock all over his face. “I can’t believe it! You followed that old toad.” “Ms. Ann is not a toad,” I said, defending her. Gavin had a nickname for all of our teachers. Some of the namesContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence (4 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence (part 3 of 4)

I scooted past Ms. Ann and Clark/Celeste talking in the classroom doorway. “This is really quite beautiful lace, Celeste. Where did you find your gown?” Ms. Ann asked. “Downtown threads,” Clark/Celeste answered, pushing their hair back with black-painted fingers. Clark had decided to try out a feminine persona sometime around Thanksgiving. He made a striking girl. Everyone was in theContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence (part 3 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence (2 of 4)

The principal and Ms. Ann met with Brooke’s parents, but no one knows what came of it. All I know is that Brooke transferred out and Ms. Ann was still here. “These are bold, confident strokes!” Ms Ann said, coming up behind me with a smile. “It looks very good, Eugenia.” Suddenly her expression turned thoughtful. “Eugenia,” she repeated my nameContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence (2 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence I

The following is a 4 part short story designed to demonstrate the influences a young, impressionable girl may feel in an art magnet class in her hometown. Taking a step back from the easel, I reviewed my work. Something was still not right. This artistic challenge was proving to be tricky!  The assignment called for choosing an idea or emotion.Continue reading “Teacher’s Influence I”


With the advent of the internet, many people thought libraries would become extinct, but Libraries have grown to fill the new demands the information age has created. Where else can you go for free internet access and a computer? Where else are Free Books, E-books, and Audiobooks offered? Where else can you browse a tactile world of ideas? Our LibrariesContinue reading “*Libraries*”


Romantic Love

We all want true love – that special someone who will share our hopes and our dreams. That person we can grow old with, the one person who knows us at our worst, and rejoices with us at our best. We all want that happily ever after. Unfortunately for many of us, happily ever after has proven elusive. We haveContinue reading “Romantic Love”

To the Osprey

You can see the osprey nest from our deck. Have you ever seen a baby osprey? Come and look through the telescope. You’ll see the chick. He’s so ugly, he’s cute. He has a scrawny neck. Can you can see him? It’s that tiny head peaking up over the edge of all that nesting wood. Here comes Elvis. That’s whatContinue reading “To the Osprey”

Happy Birthday, America!

In the last 245 years much has changed in the wonderful United States of America. An apostle of God, Elder Dallin Oaks, encouraged us in April 2021 to “trust in the Lord and be positive about [our] nation’s future.” The following are suggestions he made on how we can support our divinely inspired constitution. Pray: Prayer is powerful. Inviting HeavenlyContinue reading “Happy Birthday, America!”

Love, Sweet Love

It is exciting to see two people make an eternal commitment to each other. Romance is a big part of courtship, but in the years to come it will all come down to Love. “Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. Love is an act of will —Continue reading “Love, Sweet Love”


Enchanted Rock is a pink granite stone, an ancient magma chamber that rises out of the Texas Hill Country, a testament to the volcanic activity of the past. One spring day our little family climbed it. My husband carried the baby while I helped Jordan, our 4 year-old son, and Jessica our 6 year-old daughter. The climb was hot. AndContinue reading “Challenges”

Shoes and Ministering

In 2019 Eliud Kipchoge ran an amazing marathon in just under 2 hours! He did it wearing the controversial Nike ZoomX Vapor Fly Next%. This shoe is equipped with a full length carbon fiber plate that flexes to provides propulsion with each step. It is the fastest running shoe ever made. As soon as Kipchoge turned in his record time,Continue reading “Shoes and Ministering”


…BUILD a nest each year. Driven by instinct they mate and raise their chicks, often in the same location year after year. This practice leads to yearly nesting grounds. Unfortunately, the yearly nesting ground was my staircase. I didn’t want a mess on the stair again, so I began a campaign to pull down the robin’s nest before they couldContinue reading “ROBINS”


Middle grade fiction is for children ages 8-13 years. These years are important in the continued development of a healthy young person. Events that happen now will help them chart their course as they continue on their life’s journey. One summer, when I was 11 years old, I swam in Lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho. It was a chillyContinue reading “Middle-grade”

Before and After Life

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,Hath had elsewhere its setting,And cometh from afar:Not in entire forgetfulness,And not in utter nakedness,But trailing clouds of glory do we comeFrom God, who is our home:” William Wordsworth (1770-1850) As Covid-19 has spread its deadly effects throughout the world many people mourn theContinue reading “Before and After Life”


Joy D Jones, in her talk Essential Conversations, discussed four principles that parents need to discuss with their kids. These principles are faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and prayer. These are truly essential discussion points, but I believe another critical principle also needs to be addressed or, at least, recognized. That principleContinue reading “Desire”

Essential Conversations

Recently, Joy D Jones spoke about Essential conversations – discussions that can lead children to understand basic gospel principles such as, repentance, faith, baptism, and prayer. Though it sounds difficult to have these essential conversations, I found it easiest when I was trying hard to live the gospel myself. Experiences where I was forced to choose the gospel path, orContinue reading “Essential Conversations”

Healing Relationships

“WHEN faced with unfairness, we can push ourselves away from God or we can be drawn toward Him for help and support…. Rather than becoming bitter, let Him help you become better.” (Dale G Renlund) Recently, I visited a friend who I hadn’t seen in more than 6 months. Her health restrictions had kept her at home during most ofContinue reading “Healing Relationships”

Television and Movie Ratings

The other day my husband and I sat down to watch a television program on Amazon Prime. It was rated 13+. Five minutes in, with no real provocation, one character goes on a rant including five F-bombs! Disappointed in the lack of class, we shut it off. Why can’t the television industry keep the old values? Movie watching was onceContinue reading “Television and Movie Ratings”

From Heroes and Rebels

Alerted by the noise, Aunt Josie came around the display. “Mr Gunroe!” she said, in amazement. She folded her arms across her chest. “What are you doing here?”  “I heard there was a Mound Builder display at the library and I wanted to see it. I had no idea you were behind it.” “Hi, I’m Tom.” Uncle Tom came forward,Continue reading “From Heroes and Rebels”

Excerpt from Arrowheads

“Do you guys want to do something?” I stared at Aunt Josie with glazed eyes. I was so bored. We had played checkers, Sim City, and we even made a small video. I had posted it on social media, but so far not a single one of my friends had commented. I felt ignored. “Do you want to make EasterContinue reading “Excerpt from Arrowheads”

Jax’s Pipe

In the book Arrowheads, Jax finds a Mound Builder platform pipe in his backyard. Jax’s pipe is an effigy pipe in the shape of a bird. It is unknown how these pipes were used, for ceremonies, personal use, or prayers. In Arrowheads Adsilha, the Mound Builder girl, uses the pipe for worship.


The Heartland Model for the Book of Mormon, places Lehi’s landing near the Florida panhandle. In this new model, North America is the site where all Book of Mormon events took place. Relying heavily on the research of non-Mormon scholars, the Heartland Model recently got a boost from Philip Beale, a retired Royal Navy officer. Beale owns an authentically constructedContinue reading “Voyage!”

Book of Mormon Geography

After crossing Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois as part of Zion’s Camp in 1834, Joseph wrote a letter to his wife Emma. He described “wandering over the plains of the Nephites, recounting occasionally the history of the Book of Mormon, roving over the mounds of that once beloved people of the Lord, picking up their skulls & their bones, as proofContinue reading “Book of Mormon Geography”

Three Fall Festivals

The Book of Mormon people lived the Law of Moses and celebrated the festivals. Described in Leviticus 23, the fall feasts are the Feast of Trumpets (now called Rosh Hashanah), the Day of Atonement (known as Yom Kippur) and the Feast of Tabernacles. Coinciding with the agricultural harvest, these feasts are symbolic of the spiritual harvest of souls. The FeastContinue reading “Three Fall Festivals”

Festivals of Spring

Paul taught that “the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ…” and truly the festivals of the Mosiac law are rich in symbolism of Jesus Christ, and His infinite atonement. I will discuss four of the spring festivals here. Three spring festivals are held in Abib (now called Nisan), the first month of the Jewish lunar year. FeastContinue reading “Festivals of Spring”

“Prepare a way…”

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them. (1Nephi 3:7) In theContinue reading ““Prepare a way…””


The people of Zion were of “…one heart and one mind…”.(Moses 7:18). According to scripture, Zion was able to solve the problem of poverty and, we believe, many of society’s other ailments. A prophet of our day, Howard W. Hunter, comforted us by saying: If our lives and our faith are centered on Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothingContinue reading “Focus”

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