Dry Creek Mill

Dry Creek Mill publishes middle grade series. Our first series is an adventure about two kids who find a mysterious Mound Builder artifact, and a young Mound Builder girl caught up in the intrigue of revolution. The Mound Builder series will be published in 2021.

I first started writing Arrowheads when I became aware of the Bat Creek stone, the Las Lunas stone, and the Hannukiah Mound of Ohio. I decided to write a story that explores pre-Columbian civilizations and includes all the fun of finding lost treasure. With all that in mind, the Mound Builder series — Arrowheads, Heroes & Rebels, and Treasure — was born.

First Review:

My granddaughter (nearly 10 years old) and I read the first volume of your children’s book together. Bryn really got in to the characters, especially Mira and Jax. Part of the reason is that the first book is contemporary and she could relate to the pandemic, on-line school, etc. Another reason was that it was paced just right in going from a culture so many years from ours and then back to contemporary life here. I was able to explain the relation of the mound builders with quite possible Book of Mormon times. You are creative and a gifted writer! Wish you the best with publicizing your series. Word has to get out! 

Love, Diane

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