Welcome to Dry Creek Mill

March 2020 was a very different time. The media encouraged us to stay home even as they informed us of CoVid19. I began writing in my journal more. My library furloughed their workers. And I began writing stories.

Like most people I searched the web. Alot. I loved to read about the Mound Builders. They were friendlier native americans – friendlier than Aztecs with their human sacrifice. Their culture – especially the Adena and the Hopewell – were considered 2000-3000 years old, and I enjoyed studying and imagining their interesting matriarchal social culture.

As I read about the Mound Builders, I began wondering if they were actually Book of Mormon people. My imagination led me to write about the Mira & Jax and the Mound Builders. It was exciting to write and I enjoyed imagining Book of Mormon times in a very different setting.

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