Fort Ancient

The site is completely surrounded by one long enclosure mound. Approximately 32 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, lies the Fort Ancient Mound Builder site. Though abandoned as a permanent settlement prior to European contact, Fort Ancient is considered a sacred space by many Native Americans. Fort Ancient people observed important lunar events. At the gateway,Continue reading “Fort Ancient”

Old Stone Fort is Hopewell Culture in Tennessee

Dated to 80 AD-550 AD, the Middle Woodland Indians used this area continuously for nearly 500 years. The structures built here are similar to the structures built in Ohio among the Hopewell People. It is believed that Old Stone Fort was a sacred site but no evidence has been found to connect it with funeraryContinue reading “Old Stone Fort is Hopewell Culture in Tennessee”

Teacher’s Influence (4 of 4)

With a quick flick of his wrist, Gavin grabbed for my hat exposing my newly shaved head.  “You cut it off!” He exclaimed, shock all over his face. “I can’t believe it! You followed that old toad.” “Ms. Ann is not a toad,” I said, defending her. Gavin had a nickname for all of ourContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence (4 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence (part 3 of 4)

I scooted past Ms. Ann and Clark/Celeste talking in the classroom doorway. “This is really quite beautiful lace, Celeste. Where did you find your gown?” Ms. Ann asked. “Downtown threads,” Clark/Celeste answered, pushing their hair back with black-painted fingers. Clark had decided to try out a feminine persona sometime around Thanksgiving. He made a strikingContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence (part 3 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence (2 of 4)

The principal and Ms. Ann met with Brooke’s parents, but no one knows what came of it. All I know is that Brooke transferred out and Ms. Ann was still here. “These are bold, confident strokes!” Ms Ann said, coming up behind me with a smile. “It looks very good, Eugenia.” Suddenly her expression turned thoughtful.Continue reading “Teacher’s Influence (2 of 4)”

Teacher’s Influence I

The following is a 4 part short story designed to demonstrate the influences a young, impressionable girl may feel in an art magnet class in her hometown. Taking a step back from the easel, I reviewed my work. Something was still not right. This artistic challenge was proving to be tricky!  The assignment called forContinue reading “Teacher’s Influence I”