“Old age, it’s not for sissies.”

My late father-in-law, Alma Hofhiens, was fond of saying this – especially as he grew older. Sometimes, what make old age so hard is that you never know what to expect. One day you’re feeling fine – celebrating your birthday at a party – and the next you are in the hospital with no clearContinue reading ““Old age, it’s not for sissies.””

Punta Arenas

The translation is — “Sand Point”! Now isn’t that familiar! Sand Point, Idaho isn’t that far away from home:-) When President Cates asked us to visit the Mission Group in “Sand Point” we were very excited! We were happy to get out of town and see some countryside. Punta Arenas is a seaport on theContinue reading “Punta Arenas”

Time To Share

Most Senior Missionaries do not proselyte and teach the gospel to non-members. Elder Hofhiens and I serve in the Mission office, serving and helping the missionaries and the Mission President in the work of Gathering Israel. As a general rule we don’t proselyte, but we still get to participate in the Gathering of Israel inContinue reading “Time To Share”