The Book of Mormon

No matter what you know of history, or think you know of history, The Book of Mormon is a compelling read. At times, it is lyrically prophetic in the descriptions of the discovery of America, the restoration of the Gospel, and the love God has for His children. At other times, it is a tale of intrigue, revolution and bloodlust. Always, there is a great spirit of love, joy, and hope infused in all portions of The Book of Mormon.

One of the author/prophets said his words to us were “…as one crying from the dead, yea, even as one speaking out of the dust.” (Moroni 10:27) It was written for our day to convince all that Jesus is the Christ. The prophets declare that all good things come from Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, and He will come again. They urge us to come unto Christ, and they continually place their children at the top of the list of gospel receivers. One thing is very certain, Book of Mormon writers loved their children and prayed constantly in their behalf. They added the gentiles and Jews to the list of gospel receivers, as well, and we are happy recipients.

The Book of Mormon coming from ‘out of the dust’ catches my imagination. Mound Builders worked great mounds of dirt. They buried their honored dead in these mounds. They situated their chief’s and priest’s homes on top of these mounds. Joseph Smith declared that he found the Book of Mormon in a mound in eastern New York state.

The Mound Builder’s gift to us, is this Book of Mormon. They gave it to us for our day…

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