Lehi’s Family Story

The Book of Mormon is, at it’s core, a family journal. It is a story of a family’s journey to the promised land. As time progressed family members re-told the story so they wouldn’t forget, and so their children would know how God helped them. Their family story reminded them of who they were, why they were in the Americas, and how Heavenly Father blessed them.

Their family story provided the foundation for a remarkable civilization that lasted over 1000 years!

We want our children to be remarkable, strong, and full of faith. We want them to know who they are, why they are here, and know that Heavenly Father blesses them. Like the prophets of old, we need to tell our story. How did we come to know God? What was the motivation? How did He help us? How does His Spirit feel?

The language of the Spirit is very different from science. It is a knowledge of the heart. You feel it a different way. You know it a different way. How to explain it? You will find the words as you prepare your story. Remember, spiritual concepts are best understood if the spirit is present. Small and simple things, like meaningful prayer and scripture study prepare us for His spirit.

Tell your story.

2 thoughts on “Lehi’s Family Story

  1. Yes, I am so grateful for the “story” of the Book of Mormon. It is sacred scripture! As I’ve been reading about the Jarodites recently, I’ve been so impressed to learn of the Brother of Jarod’s humility and his complete faith in the Lord. Also, I have a much greater appreciation for this record because I recognize that it was preserved time and again to come forward in our day, just for us. I thank God for this blessing.
    The brother of Jarod was commanded to show it to no man and seal it up to be brought forth in the Lord’s time. Then Moroni was also told to seal them up. (Ether 3-4)
    These records in the Book of Mormon are for us, individually, in our day. The importance of the messages cannot be understated. If we search them, we receive personal revelation and hidden treasures of knowledge.
    If I could do something different in my life, it would be to keep a journal. It is important to record what happens in our life and how the Lord plays an integral part in our everyday life.
    I am grateful that we have the scriptures, both the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. They are precious to me.

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