Jax’s Pipe

In the book Arrowheads, Jax finds a Mound Builder platform pipe in his backyard. Jax’s pipe is an effigy pipe in the shape of a bird. It is unknown how these pipes were used, for ceremonies, personal use, or prayers.

In Arrowheads Adsilha, the Mound Builder girl, uses the pipe for worship.

2 thoughts on “Jax’s Pipe

  1. Interesting how the author weaves history into her story line. What a smart way to grab the attention of her readers.


    1. HI Debbie,
      Thanks for your positive comment. I love history, especially Book of Mormon history. I have to admit – I embellished a little. But I hope you find Captain Moroni true to his character:-) That’s a tease – so you’ll want to read more of my books!


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