Excerpt from Arrowheads

“Do you guys want to do something?”

I stared at Aunt Josie with glazed eyes. I was so bored. We had played checkers, Sim City, and we even made a small video. I had posted it on social media, but so far not a single one of my friends had commented. I felt ignored.

“Do you want to make Easter eggs?” Aunt Josie asked.

“We don’t believe in the Easter bunny,” I said. I was laying on the couch with one leg dangling.

“Don’t get her started,” Jax warned.

“The Easter bunny is animal worship of a fertility god. There is nothing behind it – maybe the chocolate companies – but certainly no religious or historical reasons.” I spoke in the monotone voice of a computer.

Aunt Josie held up her arms. “I didn’t say anything about the Easter bunny.”

“You want us to decorate Easter eggs – same thing,” I said, kicking out my leg.

“No, it isn’t the same thing.” Aunt Josie put her hands on her hips. “Easter is a celebration of the new life Jesus gave us when He was resurrected and appeared to His disciples. That, my dear, is a totally different thing.”

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