Healing Relationships

“WHEN faced with unfairness, we can push ourselves away from God or we can be drawn toward Him for help and support…. Rather than becoming bitter, let Him help you become better.” (Dale G Renlund)

Recently, I visited a friend who I hadn’t seen in more than 6 months. Her health restrictions had kept her at home during most of covid. In my visit, she expressed some bitterness that I hadn’t been over to chat. I told her that we had been observing covid restrictions like everyone else – including herself.

Afterwards, I felt unhappy and ill-used by my friend’s bitterness. I took those feelings to the Lord in prayer. He helped me get rid of my negative feelings so I could focus on the positive aspects of my renewed friendship. My friend and I are now planning our gardens and sharing our vegetable seeds. It is a good friendship.

Whenever I am troubled by relationships, I go to the Lord in prayer. As I explain my troubles to the Lord, I am filled with His spirit and many times the hurt simply dissolves in the light of His eternal perspective. When I am filled with His spirit, negative, bitter thoughts are replaced with light and joy.

The Lord provides the healing balm. I can move past disappointments, renewed through prayer.

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