Romantic Love

We all want true love – that special someone who will share our hopes and our dreams. That person we can grow old with, the one person who knows us at our worst, and rejoices with us at our best. We all want that happily ever after.

Unfortunately for many of us, happily ever after has proven elusive. We have been raised on the myth of Romantic love – that it all comes to us without effort. But effort, work, and desire are all necessary components in nurturing a lasting, loving relationship.

Marriage counselor and author of The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman, suggests that couples make their relationship a priority. They can show their love in 5 key ways – service, gifts, words of affirmation, touch and quality time.

Every person has a preferred love language – and that preference could change every day! It takes effort to find out how your special someone needs to be loved.

Make a plan to speak to your spouse in their preferred love language. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated, and you just may be surprised how sweet your love can be:-)

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