Fort Ancient

The site is completely surrounded by one long enclosure mound.

Approximately 32 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, lies the Fort Ancient Mound Builder site. Though abandoned as a permanent settlement prior to European contact, Fort Ancient is considered a sacred space by many Native Americans.

Fort Ancient people observed important lunar events. At the gateway, one mound marks three important celestial events: the summer solstice, the northern minimum lunar rise, and the northern maximum lunar rise.

Leading up to this important celestial observatory is a ramp. The fact that a ramp leads to a sacred space is significant as the Law of Moses strictly forbids adherents to use stair steps. (Exodus 20:26) This fact, along with their lunar observance supports the idea that Fort Ancient people may have had contact with Book of Mormon people who strictly kept the Law of Moses.

You can find even more information about the Ohio Mound Builders – the Hopewell people at –

2 thoughts on “Fort Ancient

    1. YES, it’s pretty incredible the correlation between the Hopewell people and some of the strictures of the Mosaic law. If you look toward Mesoamerica you will find the Mayans using a solar calendar and building temples with hewn stone, but archeologists find that Hopewell built altars of stacked stone and make sacred spaces of lunar observatories. The Book of Mormon people were supposed to be strict observers of the Mosaic law. They could very well be the Hopewell people.

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