Even the word – aspire – sounds like breathing, and breathing is life, and this is your life! What do you want to do with it this year. Actually, one month of 2022 is gone, but there is still time to dream, aspire, work, and enjoy the results. What will you do to breath new life into this new year?

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Big goals require small daily goals for them to work their magic. So, you want to lose weight? Maybe a daily activity goal along will help you meet your main goal. Get creative and make it fun! Do some “temptation bundling” – that’s where you do something you like while you are working your goal.

For example, if you have a daily fitness goal and you like nature, you can go for a walk in a nature park. The trick is to combine a goal related task with a pleasurable task. Remember, small daily commitments will lead you to your end goal.

Below is a video link that playfully outlines the steps that are necessary to set goals.

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