Mission Life…

But first – there is much to do when it comes to establishing a life in a foreign country. To establish residency, it takes money, fingerprinting, a lawyer, (more money), and paperwork. Who does all this for all the missionaries? The office missionaries. I am in training to do it for all the missionaries in the Costa Rica, José West Mission. Lucky for me – I have a mentor for a few weeks.

Photo by Mariakray on Pexels.com

I learned that even in the most boring place – the immigration office in San José – there is evidence that people love Heavenly Father and He knows His children. It is no wonder that there is great success for the Gospel in this beautiful country.

2 thoughts on “Mission Life…

    1. It is a different culture here and I am certainly not understanding everything that is being said. People are very receptive and friendly. I hope to understand more but it is coming slower than I’d like:-( Keeping on trying…


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