Semana Santa

This is a week long celebration here in Costa Rica, with parades, special dinners, and sacred assemblies. Elder Hofhiens and I were leaving the office late one night – around 8 pm – and were flagged down by neighbors. A neighborhood parade was taking place up the street in celebration of Jesus the Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem.

Jesus Christ has many wonderful attributes. One of them – perhaps the most important – is charity. Holy weeks, like Easter and Christmas, are a time to reflect on how well we are emulating our Savior. There are many refugees, lost souls, homeless, and jobless people in our communities and around the world. What are we (you and me) doing to be part of a solution?

For example, one of the sisters here in Costa Rica heard that some young people were struggling financially to prepare for missions. In a conversation with family back home, this sister mentioned the problem to her grandmother. The grandmother, seeing the solution, decided to donate a sum of money to the Costa Rica San José Oeste Mission. The funds to be used exclusively for Costa Rican nationals who want to serve as missionaries.

Missionaries need to prepare financially, medically, and physically to serve wherever the Lord calls them.

While serving as an office missionary, our Mission president gave me some of those sacred funds to purchase medical supplies for first aid kits for two Costa Rican sister missionaries. One is leaving this week for Belize, and the other sister is leaving next month. No doubt, the experiences these sisters will have on their missions will be of great value to them, their families and the communities they live in.

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