Seuss world

There are things here in Costa Rica that just make me pinch myself and say “Kim, you are not in Idaho anymore!”

For instance, this brilliant yellow Eye Lash Pitviper! It looks poisonous – which it is – so do not get too close!!

The Eye on the tree is an Owl Butterfly. He uses his “eye” to trick predators and stay safe. The eye makes him look like an owl, an animal that commands much more respect than a delicate butterfly.

This Octopus Agave has a Dr. Seuss aspect to it. The 10 foot long fuzzy flower blossoms at the stem first and then, over the course of weeks, it blossoms all the way to its amazing tip!

We found this little guy – the Fuzzy Jewel Moth – on the door to the Mission Office one morning. He was so pretty and colorful, I had to take a picture!

Some animals look exactly like what they are – dangerous – while others only look dangerous to survive. But we all know one universal truth – Life Is Good!

Serving this mission in Costa Rica makes us more aware of this beautiful world we live in! It is Pura Vida!

Happy Halloween!

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