Mission Experiences

Some experiences are quirky and some experiences are never to be forgotten. I am borrowing a few missionaries experiences to share. This first one, however is quirky and its all mine.

Last week we went to church and was surprised to find it under water!

Our little chapel in Puntarenas out by the coast was completely flooded in October. They really mean it when they say September and October are the worst months of the rainy season. A very rainy weekend left the chapel 2-4 inches under water.

We met an elder from the states who came from a very privileged background. For his first area he was placed in Quepos, a remote area for the mission. He and his companion were invited to dinner by a ward member. Upon entering the house, the missionaries were invited to sit and eat. The member never took any food for himself, saying that he had only enough to feed the missionaries.

Pinto gallo is local cuisine – beans and rice.

“That was a humbling experience,” the Elder said. “Knowing that he was going hungry and I was eating his food and he wanted me to.”

Elder Doyle, an office elder we worked quite close with, told of a time he was teaching a family in Guanacaste. He met the family on the street and they invited the missionaries over for a lesson. As it turned out, these particular investigators didn’t have a home, and the elders spent the evening teaching the family over a campfire in the middle of a cornfield!

Despite their humble circumstances, the family was very happy and listened intently as the elders spoke of Christ and the plan of Salvation. Afterwards, they enjoyed an amiable conversation under a starry, starry night.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

Elder Doyle told me that he was amazed at how happy this family was even though they had very few material goods. While this may be an old truth, where else can our young people learn these things for themselves but on a mission!!

I love these stories!

Serving a mission is an amazing, hands-on learning experience that changes lives. Our missionaries are forever changed just as they seek out and touch the lives of those around them. Their message of Jesus Christ blesses their lives and increases the joy of all who hear and accept their message.

One thought on “Mission Experiences

  1. What a humbling experience these elders learned. We all should think of these things and not be so materialistic. I do enjoy these experiences you send in your messages. Love you MOM


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