Bat Creek Stone

I watched a youtube video by Wayne May. He talked about Book of Mormon evidences here in North America. He named the Hopewell people as a possible match for the Nephite people of the Book of Mormon. One of the evidences he spoke about was the Bat Creek Stone pictured above.

This stone was discovered by Smithsonian archeologists in in a Tennessee mound in 1889. The writing on it was thought to be paleo-Cherokee and it was classified as such for 70 years. In the 1990’s an Ohio State University Economics professor had the Bat Creek Stone radiocarbon dated to 427 AD and found the writing to be Hebrew – not Cherokee.

Since this time, the scholarship of the Smithsonian archeologists and various professionals associated with the stone have come under close scrutiny. The scientific world claim they have proven without a doubt that the Bat Creek Stone was a hoax, but there is still some question in my mind – especially when I consider the Book of Mormon.

Check it out for yourself:

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