New Mexico’s Mystery

The Las Lunas Decalogue stone is found in the desert of New Mexico. Just 35 miles south of Albuquerque, NM, there is a trail that leads to the 80-100 ton Mystery Stone. The best direction I found were at this website –

The writing on the stone is ancient Hebrew text, with a few Greek letters mixed in. Translated by scholars, the writing is an abbreviated version of the ten commandments. Numerous archeologists have studied the stone. One, Cyrus Gordon (1995), suggests that the Mystery Stone is an old Samaritan mezuzah. A Jewish mezuzah is a small scroll of the ten commandments fastened at the entrance to a house. The Samaritan mezuzah, however, is an inscribed stone slab positioned at the entrance of a property. Gordon suggests that the ancient inscriber of the Mystery Stone was possibly a Samaritan shipowner fleeing Byzantine persecution around 400-500 AD.

The more I look into the different archeological evidence of North America, the more I am convinced that the history of our continent is a mystery to us. As more information is discovered everyone will say, “of course, I knew it!” But until then, we keep looking and learning. Page maintained and written by J. Huston McCulloch

Photo Dan Raber, Loudon TN

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