Learning & Growing

Our children can be a source of accomplishment and joy. If left to themselves they will grow and develop, but not always in healthy ways. Like any tree in the garden, a child can reach their best potential with a healthy environment, proper nourishment, and proactive guidance.

Growing up in the US and living in various states until my mid-30’s, I was familiar with the US lifestyle. Our family moved to Indonesia where I became acquainted with another culture. It was in Indonesia that I first learned that education is not free. Parents in China, Thailand, and Indonesia (the 3 Asian countries I’ve lived in) pay a hefty price for education. They know their children are their future. The children see sacrifices parent’s make on their behalf and work hard to learn. The opportunity for education is not taken for granted.

Here in the US, we have socialized education provided by the state at the expense of the tax payer. All citizens share in the expense of educating our future generation. Generally good, socialized education can be attached to a political agenda that can limit individual performance. Such was the case with the ‘no child be left behind’ policy. In this instance, socialized education may not encourage all students to excel and reach their potential.

Learning takes effort and desire to be achieved. A child will only appreciate knowledge they work to attain.

Parents and guardians are perfectly placed to be the role models that inspire their children to thrive, learn, and become.

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