…BUILD a nest each year. Driven by instinct they mate and raise their chicks, often in the same location year after year. This practice leads to yearly nesting grounds.

Unfortunately, the yearly nesting ground was my staircase. I didn’t want a mess on the stair again, so I began a campaign to pull down the robin’s nest before they could lay their eggs.

Each time I removed the nest, I hoped they would give up and go somewhere else, but they never even registered discouragement. They went right back to building the nest for their future family. In the end, I watched in awe as the Robins nurtured their chicks into existence.

Our family situations may not be ideal. We may feel the effects of destruction all around us. But, we can also take a page from the Robin’s book — ignore the destroyers and keep building.

Modern day prophets proclaim that if we teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ, read the scriptures with them, pray with them, and have meaningful discussions with them, they will grow up knowing where their true home is. Destroyers will rage, but the home built on Gospel principles will stand, sheltering all who enter.

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