Shoes and Ministering

In 2019 Eliud Kipchoge ran an amazing marathon in just under 2 hours! He did it wearing the controversial Nike ZoomX Vapor Fly Next%. This shoe is equipped with a full length carbon fiber plate that flexes to provides propulsion with each step. It is the fastest running shoe ever made. As soon as Kipchoge turned in his record time, shoe manufacturers were tearing the shoe apart to find out how it works and how they could recreate it.

At about the same time that Kipchoge was breaking records our prophet, President Russell M Nelson, introduced a new program called ministering. Ministering is designed to help disciples of Christ become more Christ-like through stewardship, fellowship, and service.

As followers of Christ, we can reverse engineer Ministering to find out how it works and what it will create in us as we practice it.

Ministering encourages each member to reach out – even to those who are reluctant to be known. It makes our community of believers more dynamic, more inclusive, and more welcoming. Following through on assignments increases our faith as we work to keep the commandment. It nurtures in us an obedient spirit – a wonderful Christ-like characteristic.

Zion is a community, a city, a place where God dwells with His children. As we minister and learn to serve one another, we create Zion and invite God to be among us.

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