Enchanted Rock is a pink granite stone, an ancient magma chamber that rises out of the Texas Hill Country, a testament to the volcanic activity of the past. One spring day our little family climbed it. My husband carried the baby while I helped Jordan, our 4 year-old son, and Jessica our 6 year-old daughter. The climb was hot. And even though Enchanted Rock isn’t a mountain – it is steep and proved quite challenging for our young family.

Jessica ran ahead, eagerly searching the pools of water for frogs and other wild life. Meghan was happy to be in Dad’s arms, but I watched with concern as Jordan’s energy flagged. Unable to keep up with his sister, he was tired and discouraged. We rested and he confessed that he wanted to quit, but I encouraged and cajoled him to keep climbing. Once on top, Jordan forgot his exhaustion and began to jump around exclaiming — “The world, the world! It’s so beautiful!”

I quickly grabbed him to keep him from falling off the rock, and we stood together on top of the hill enjoying the well-earned view.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Now, whenever I get caught up in the hard details of life, I remember Jordan and his ebullient joy after the challenging climb. He wanted to give up, but he persevered and experienced the wonderful confidence-boosting reward of accomplishment.

Life is hard. It is meant to be. However, God is merciful. If we look for them there are silver linings, wonderful blessings that lead us to gratitude and joy.

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