Six Eyes!

He had SIX eyes!

One pair sat at the top of his forehead and gave off a neon red glow. His own green eyes sat below the red, but they were no longer beautiful. They were tainted by an inky black film.

And his last set of eyes? The Prince raised his hands to feel along the back of his head. He gasped in pain as he stuck his finger in his new black eyes!

The Prince knew he looked monstrous, but he also knew that his eyes gave him great power.

Out of the restless black eyes he could see all the back-stabbing people who secretly said mean things about him. The Prince easily stopped their  wicked rumormongering by shutting them up in the deep, dark dungeon.

Out of his slimy green eyes he saw his courtly friends, and when any of them sat down first at dinner, or wore a prettier coat, or cut his beard in an interesting fashion – Prince Gant’s green eyes gleamed, and he would call out.


Dressed in black, his fashionistas accosted the tailors, seized their wares, and made clothing adjustments that ensured that all courtly guests were only as well-dressed as Prince Gant permitted.

And those red eyes!! Those red eyes were terrible! They saw every protester, every nay-sayer and every tyrant who would dare rise up to usurp the Prince’s power. His secret police silenced them swiftly with the sword!

But, for all his power, the Prince did not sleep well at night. He wandered the Palace haunted by a song on the wind. He did not know it, but Princess Everly, his devoted Princess, often sang her wishes to the wind.

Turn your face, turn your face
Turn to right ideals
Actions make it real
Turn your face, turn your face
Turn your face and shift
Change and heal the rift.
Turn your face, turn your face
Turn your face to me.

The Prince never acknowledged the song, or the voice, or the wind. Too distracted by his busy life, he had everything he ever wanted! He had gold and jewels, and country villas with swimming pools. He had free tickets to the theatre and season passes to football games. He had everything and his life was full.

However, it may come as a surprise to you to know that Prince Gant was not happy. He didn’t feel loved or appreciated by his people, and then there was the fact that he was ugly. He couldn’t go out in public for fear of making all the babies cry!

He had SIX eyes! And no one with six eyes is beautiful.

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