The Handsome Prince

Prince Gant was young, tall, and extremely good-looking with the most penetrating green eyes anyone in the kingdom had ever seen. When he spoke all the notable men and women of the land stopped what they were doing and listened to him. With the beautiful Princess Everly already devoted to him, he was destined to be a great King.

But, he took a wrong turn. In fact, this story is about how Prince Gant became the ugliest Prince in the World! 

No doubt, you are amazed! How could someone so full of promise become a dud! Now, I don’t know the why of everything, but I will tell you this — it all started at the Winterwood Ball.

As the Prince and Princess were greeting a crowd of young people, one young woman swooned at the touch of the Prince’s eyes on her face. The Prince was so astonished at his power that he immediately began to experiment with it. He cruised the ballroom and soon had more than twenty young women swooning at his slightest glance!

So absorbed in his conquests, the Prince forgot all about his Princess. He did not see her open the door. He did not see her glance back at him longingly, and he did not see her leave. 

Instead, the Prince laughed merrily as one of the boldest noblewomen in the land wrote his name on her forehead in jello!

Moments later, one of the Prince’s oldest advisors approached. “Sire,” he said, “the people of the kingdom are worried you are not treating your noble bride with respect.”

“Who is saying this!” Roared Prince Gant. Drawing his sword he held the point of it to his advisor’s neck.

Sire!” The older man swallowed, and a small speck of blood fell on his starched white collar.

“You!” The Prince said, seeing the darkness mirrored in the old man’s eyes. “You are spreading rumors and lies about me! You and Princess Everly will go to the dungeons!”

The Prince commanded his soldiers, and in swift military fashion the party was over. All his noble guests fled the ballroom, worried that they too might be sent to prison.

Alone, the Prince fell back into his lounging chair. He poured himself a large tumbler of wine and, drinking it quickly, he promptly fell asleep.

As he slept, he dreamed, and his dream became a nightmarish chant sung by the unhappy princess in the deep darkness of the dungeon below.

Turn your face, turn your face,
turn your face to see, the monster you set free
Turn your face, turn your face
Turn and see the trace of evil on your face
Turn your face, turn your face, turn your face to me.

Suddenly, the Prince’s eyes shot open! Hands to his face, he ran to a mirror. He gasped in horrified disbelief. He had four — no, SIX — eyes! 

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