Not too far from Serpent Mound is the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park in Chillicothe, Ohio. This ram’s horn is in the display case and it carries with it a very interesting cultural significance.

The ram’s horn is a very important instrument that is used to practice the Law of Moses. The horn, or Shofar, is blown every weekly shabbat, every day of their 7 sacred holidays, and at the announcement of all new moons.

Abraham was given a ram as a sacrifice to replace the sacrifice of his son, the Shofar is symbolic of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The ram’s horn is symbolic of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and martyrdom.

The Nephites of the Book of Mormon lived the Law of Moses, and apparently the Mound builders, specifically the Hopewell people, found the ram’s horn significant enough to make into a copper horn. Is there a connection? Quite possibly. The Mound Builder series explores that amazing possibility.

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