I had lived overseas for many years and I really didn’t want to leave my new home back in the USA, but it was time. WE had time. So we put in our papers and took a sight-seeing trip around our beloved country. We were in Florida when the e-mail informing us of our 18 month mission assignment showed up in our INBOX.

I opened it without ceremony, fanfare, or cross-country zoom meetings with the kids. We were called to give service and to be representatives of Christ — in Costa Rica! — a place that neither of us had ever been before.

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Suddenly, I wasn’t in vacation mode anymore. I wanted to learn all I could about Costa Rica. I googled! They have cocoa beans with chocolate factories! They speak Spanish! They have beaches on the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans!

I was more interested in people too. I found myself striking up conversations with strangers in city parks, state parks, gas stations, and local eateries. As a representative of Christ, I was interested in people and I started meeting people and sharing stories. At times, I felt like I was already on a mission!

The great writer, William James once said,

“The greatest discovery 
of any generation 
is that human beings 
can alter their lives
by altering their attitudes of mind.” 

New situations can be a catalyst for change, as can new experiences and Goals. Our goals help us develop qualities and characteristics of the person we want to become. Don’t just get older. Live life abundantly! It’s time to set goals and make some deep, and lasting changes.

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