Mission Conference!

Wednesday morning we woke to the news that Brian K. Taylor, our Area General Authority, was coming in person to speak to the whole Mission the very next day! Cue the Craziness!!!

Enjoy the Slide Show — 1. Élder y Hermana Hofhiens 2. Tres Élderes 3. Presidente Hermana Cates 4. Dos Hermanas 5. Dos Hermanas y Élder 6. Tres Élderes

We allowed ourselves 2 minutes of deep breathing (hyperventilating) before we started planning. Office Elders booked transportation while we, the Senior Missionaries, made dinner arrangements for 140 missionaries for Thursday evening. (Thank you Subway!) We also bought cots, blankets, pillows and Friday morning breakfasts for 20 missionaries who lived too far away to go home immediately.

As you might expect, we went to a few stores….

By some strange fluke, and a bit of bad luck, we got stuck behind a woman who collected books of promotional stamps – so many, in fact, that she won an entire set of pots and pans! She received these prizes because she was a good customer and she followed the promotional rules.

Heavenly Father promotes His goodness through His Son Jesus Christ. More than 2000 years ago Jesus Christ issued His invitation to “Come Follow Me” and this invitation still applies today. A big part of being a disciple of Christ is knowing and keeping His commandments. Obedience is the key that unlocks the windows of heaven.

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