Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

Our grandchildren love animals. When they learned we were going to Costa Rica for our mission, they gave us homework. Find sloths, toucans, and crocodiles! We found an animal rescue center about an hour away from San José.

Two-toed sloth

We found about 10 sloths!

Most of these animals are in cages – mainly to protect them from human interaction. These animal rescues came from unhappy “pet” situations or traffic accidents. The rescue center tries to rehabilitate them without exposing them to humans. Some of the animals will never be released since they were taken away from their families before they learned how to survive in the wild. (The lizards are both wild – looking to steal food.)

Missionaries often rehabilitate people and help them adapt to a new world view – the plan of salvation. This past week, we met a young man named Daniel. A few years ago, his parents divorced. His mother, an inactive member, returned to the states while Daniel stayed here with his father to finish High School.

One night Daniel had a vivid dream. He was riding his bike along a familiar road when suddenly he was on a street he’d never been on before. A church rose up in front of him. Somehow he knew it was his mother’s church. A man greeted him at the gate and invited him inside. When he woke up, he remembered the dream. It was so powerful that he signed up online to have a lesson with the missionaries.

Meanwhile, one of our faithful missionaries had a dream too. He woke up knowing he was going to teach a man named Daniel. As he checked his social media referral page he saw, at the top of the list, a man named “Daniel”.

A young man about Daniel’s age – provided by

Daniel has been taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he has accepted it into his life. His baptismal date is set for March 27.

Miracles happen every day. The evidence is all around us.

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