English in Costa Rica?

“Today, English practice was really hard,” Elder Suarez says as he leans towards me. “Did you know there are 20 words that signify ‘to get’ in English. It’s crazy!”

I laugh, feeling his pain. “English is hard work Elder, but this is the best time to learn English. You already have time set aside every day for language study, and your companion is a native speaker!”

“We’re study buddies,” Elder Foutz agrees, joining our conversation. He is Elder Suarez’s companion and is never far away. “He helps me with my Spanish and I help him with his English!”

The missionaries here in Costa Rica are taking full advantage of English Connect – a wonderful language program adopted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is proven that people who know English have many more opportunities available to them.

An English Connect graduate can qualify for BYU-Pathways Education program, can compete for better jobs, and can better serve their families and communities.

Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could be considered a reciprocal investment. Missionaries give their time to the Lord and faithfully preach the Gospel of Christ, and Heavenly Father gives His missionaries opportunities to learn and grow. Every one of these faithful disciples of Christ are beloved children of God and He knows how best to bless them. English Connect is just one way Heavenly Father blesses His missionaries.

Prior to this year, I was unaware of the English Connect program. I am excited to be instrumental in helping these young disciples of Christ work toward a better future.

The missionaries fully support this program with a great desire to learn. Attendance is always near 100%!

3 thoughts on “English in Costa Rica?

  1. Kim you look so official and at ease. This is the perfect mission for you. What is Steve doing? Hope you’re enjoying warm weather as we’re still getting rain, a little snow and very cool weather. In hopes of warmer temperature by end of week. Brother Budge is now a counselor in the Bishopic. We miss you but enjoy getting these updates. Shirley

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    1. Hi Shirley,
      It is great hearing from you. I got a note on messenger from Dave but it wouldn’t let me respond for some strange reason. Anyway, we are doing well. Steve is doing alot of financial things – rents, utilities, reimbursements to missionaries. He is a busy man! And he naturally looks alot less comfortable than me!
      I look comfortable only because it isn’t transfer day. I stay super busy during those two weeks of making appointments and preparing all the paperwork for the lawyers. The other weeks are smooth sailing in comparison. Afterward – I get my nails done:-)
      Steve was tickled to hear about Brother Budge. They got a good man there. It’s fun to hear about the changes.
      We have been so busy here that these p-days are a blessing! I need Monday to recuperate from the week! We just had a great day today. We stayed in the apartment and only went for a walk this evening to buy me some chocolate. A girl’s gotta have her crutches/creature comforts/necessities – if you know what I mean!
      Our weather here is very consistently mid 70 to mid 80’s. It’s been real nice here in San JosĂ©. Yesterday we had to go out to support a little branch near the beach. It was 102! The AC at the church wasn’t working and they had no fans! (I nursed a headache from it all last night.) And then as we drove back to San Jose, it dropped back down to the mid 80’s. I was so grateful! I think the tourists can have the beach! Like I said, I like my creature comforts:-)
      We are having a great time!
      Love you guys and take care,


      1. We just knew you two would love serving. Its the best! Also was happy you were able to get chocolate lol. Sounds like you are having great experiences. You have so much to offer.
        Its been interesting to see our new stake get organized little by little and wonder who they will take from our ward. Sherry Rupp was called as secretary of stake yw. We also heard the addition to our building will only include stake presidency offices. Our stake baptisms will be held in the lakeland building. President Morton also mentioned again in their stake conference that we would have a temple closer than spokane. I know we have heard that before so we’ll see how soon that will happen?? Maybe at general conference ??? Actually I’ll believe it when we hear it. Dave was very honored when brother Budge asked him to ordain him last sunday. Brother budge said dave reminded him of his father. Dave was very touched.
        New about the frantzs. They are getting their house ready for airbnb. They have had people schedule already for part of june and most of july. They will probably be out of their house by the 1st of june, do a little traveling, let kids go on trek then move to pocatello right after. We’re sure going to miss them but they are getting excited for their new adventure. We sure love you guys and send our love and prayers. Dave and shirley

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