Henrietta Boggs

A woman who took part in much of Costa Rican political history, Henrietta Boggs was a fiery, southern lady and a writer. She first came to Costa Rica in 1941 to visit an Aunt and Uncle, but she ended up captivating the young José Figueres – a man who went on to shape Costa Rican history and is now affectionately know as Don Pepe.

While they were married, José successfully led opposition forces in the Costa Rican Civil War. As president of Costa Rica, Jose Figueres – at the urging of his wife Henrietta – ushered in civil rights and won the vote for women and minority groups. The couple divorced in 1954 after 13 years of marriage. Their daughter, Muni Figueres Boggs is currently the Costa Rican ambassador to the US.

Steve and I were able to visit the beautiful National Theater of Costa Rica in downtown San José to watch the musical play Henrietta. There were three balconies, all separated into boxes that seated 6 people. The play was in Spanish, of course, but we came away with an appreciation of Costa Rican talent, history and culture!

Before the play we had dinner at a local restaurant with some of the Church Missionaries. At front is President and Sister Cates of the San José West Mission. They are young with 6 children as well as 140 missionaries under their watch. No gray hairs yet! I looked:-0!

On the left, is Steve and I. Martha and Guillermo Garcia are out trainers and Martha is sitting next to me. At the head of the table is Elder Bjornson and Hermana Bjornson – office secretaries in the East Mission. Next is President & Sister Johnson of the San José Costa Rica East Mission. They have 8 children all grown.

This is who we serve with – a fine group of disciples of Christ! It was a fun night of eating, laughing and learning. And we were still home by 10!

2 thoughts on “Henrietta Boggs

  1. Looks like you are mingling with some great people. That theater must be great. The theater in Helena had loges on the sioes. Very fancy and beautiful. Glad you are enjoying the Costa Rican culture.MOM


    1. Yes, it reminded me of the Fox theatre in Missoula Montana before they tore it down. I always thought it was sad that they tore it down and put up apartments in its place. It was Missoula history! It is fun learning about and experiencing some of Costa Rica’s history. No regrets here! Love you, Mom!

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