It may sound like a way out – but it really means “success”.

This Elder is a success because he memorized 4 scriptures in English. Now, he gets to enjoy the sweet awards of success. English speaking Elders and Sisters memorize 4 scriptures in Spanish to earn the same sweet awards as the Elder pictured above.

Usually missionaries speak of éxito (success) when they find friends to teach. Sometimes missionaries might mention éxito when the friends they teach are eager to learn and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, whenever someone requests baptism, missionaries count it a milagro (miracle), and not éxito (success).

The Holy Ghost testifies of truth. He gives us promptings to do actions that will bring us closer to God and Jesus Christ.

Whenever a person chooses to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, allowing God into their life, it is a miracle. The Holy Ghost can actually give a person the desire and the will to change. Becoming a disciple of Christ takes effort, but the results are sweet — and worth it!

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