Hidden Talents?

it’s a bit crazy, but I am as surprised by my new (lucky) talent as anyone. I have only hosted occasional family gatherings and when I did those, I really only concentrated on the food – not the decorations! In the mission, however, the Office secretary is expected to do many things. Decorating the tables for zone conference luncheons for 150 people is just one aspect of the secretary’s assignment.

What I love about this is that the missionaries took the pineapples and bananas home to eat. Nothing was wasted!

While I wouldn’t send this photograph to a ladies home journal, I do feel quite pleased with having met the challenge successfully. I am also completely over the moon that all these luncheons are catered!!!

Here is someone with a wonderful new talent!

Mayleigh – after the big game!

Meet Mayleigh, our granddaughter. She just finished playing her first game of soccer and made her first goal! On the Black Panthers team, Mayleigh is super fun to watch and she runs, runs, runs! Grandma & Grandpa missed the game, but they love bragging about her and her goal! Way to go, Mayleigh!!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Talents?

  1. So many talents. Love it. Love how missions bring out the best is us. Also grateful for modern technology so we can keep in touch with family. We sure love you guys and miss you.

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    1. Hi Shirley! I feel the same as you about technology. I am so glad that I can see my kid’s faces and talk to them live. It has made this mission much more pleasant. I don’t feel like I am missing everything! I am enjoying the mission too. We had to give a talk last Sunday. At first, I wasn’t sure if anyone understood me but then people said they did afterwards – so that was great! We teach on the 5th Sunday in Punta Arenas Group – it’s not big enough to be a branch yet – and we are talking about temples. I am very excited for it! I like teaching with Steve! Thanks for the note! Love you, Kim

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