Alone time…

It’s normal to need time alone. And just so no one would have hurt feelings, our trainer suggested using this phrase as a cue. “Honey, I just haven’t had the chance to miss you for awhile.”

Most married couples aren’t used to spending 24 hours 7 days a week together. And alone time is necessary for everyone!

Personally, I love Alone Time. It’s wonderful. Just add almonds, chocolate, and gooey romantic movies, (too gooey for Steve’s consumption), and walah! The perfect hiatus from the day to day humdrum.

The apartment is a pretty great place to spend Alone Time… generally speaking. But then I had this one unwelcome visitor and I was all done with ALONE time.

He may look harmless, but I wasn’t going to put my hands near him to find out!

Steve arrived soon after and saved the day with his extra big dry cleaner plastic bags. He grabbed it and dropped it from our balcony to the grass below. We watched him take up residence at the base of a palm tree.

And I got to cuddle with my white knight….Truly, alone time just might be a bit over-rated:-)

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