Doctrine of Christ

Who would’ve thought that you could find the Perpetual motion machine on your mission. You can! It’s in the scriptures, and it’s very easy to figure out.

It starts with fe, faith in Jesus Christ, which then leads to arrepentimiento, repentance or sorrow for actions not in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

Our Mission is studying this Doctrine of Christ. I love the Spanish words for Endure to the End- Perseverar. It translates to PERSIST to the End.

Third is Bautismo. Baptism is a covenant you make with God to become a faithful follower of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Espíritu Santo, is the gift of the Holy Ghost, an amazing gift that allows the Holy Spirit – the 3rd member of the Godhead – to be with you always. Perseverar is persisting in your discipleship – even when it gets difficult – even when you feel it is easier to simply forget your covenants and give up – you don’t. You PERSEVERAR!

THIS perpetual motion machine all starts with faith and continues to the covenant path of baptism and on towards happiness and joy. (2 Ne. 31; Book of Mormon)

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And we are here to have joy!

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