Bored = Aborido

We work in the Mission Office so, of course, we are going to get audited sometime. Preparing for an audit is very boring. There is so much stuff to do that no one wants to do! Going through old records, sorting 2019 and up documents into binders, and then shredding everything that’s 2018 and older. Btw, I love shredding old documents!

And these photos are taken only after we cleaned up. It looked ALOT worse!

Notice that bottom shelf? There are very few binders for baptismal membership records on it. That’s because some things have gotten easier in the mission office. We don’t do anything with baptismal membership records anymore.

That’s right! The missionaries fill out the membership records WITH the ward membership clerk. So all that gathering, verifying, and clarifying of information bypasses the mission office all together – and it makes it all so much easier for us. Yeah!!

Plus, the ward members know immediately who their new members are, and they can better serve and include them in their new ward and discipleship lifestyle.

And that is how Technology is moving the work forward….🙂

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