Noche de Milagros

Night of Miracles

Every Sunday the mission has a zoom meeting where we all get together and discuss the work – the gathering of Israel – in Costa Rica San José Oeste Misión.

There are many miracles shared – from amazing near-miss car accidents, to serendipitous meetings on the street, to prayers answered in surprising ways. It is a spirit-filled meeting and all of the missionaries want to share!

There is always a lot going on during the Noche de Milagros

It feels like a testimony meeting that focusses on the work of the mission – which is inviting all to come unto Christ. It is the best!

Seek and find for the picture above:

  • Where is President and Sister Cates – our young Mission presidents?
  • Where is the Elder fixing his tie? (Elder Sanguillen from Panamá.)
  • Where is Elder and Sister Hofhiens – aka Grandma and Grandpa?
  • Who is sharing her miracles? Clue: She has a green box around her.
  • Who has their hands up to speak next?

What’s a miracle in your life that you’d like to share? (You can always comment on this blog.)

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