Every six weeks we have Cambios! Cambios, or exchanges, is the time when new missionaries come into the mission, and missionaries who have already served for 18 – 24 months head home. This time we had 15 leaving and 11 coming into the mission. It was busy!

Cambios are always emotional, but this time it was also wonderful! Because – for the first time in years – no one had to have a Covid test to get back into the good old USA. Amazing!

It’s fun to greet family at the airport – but this missionary looks tired! Losing the Covid mask will help!

For the last 2 years whenever anyone left the mission — that’s usually 10 missionaries every six weeks — they’d have to be tested. At $25-$65 p/person – it was expensive and a lot of work when you consider transportation and organization. Insurance pays for it — eventually — but as we all know that entails massive amounts of paperwork!

Notice no masks on this family meeting their missionary!

Of course, it’s all worth it when our missionaries come home stronger in testimony, richer in experience, and as healthy as ever!

I can’t help but think of pre-Covid airport greetings with nostalgia, and I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of the hand sanitizer habit. No matter what the future brings, I doubt airport security will every allow our grandson’s new greeting to catch on. Aaron likes to greet his cousins with belly hugs!

Hmm…This is probably one of those things that are cute ONLY when children do it:-)

2 thoughts on “CAMBIOS!!

  1. Good to hear from you guys. You seem to be as busy as ever. I can’t imagine all the paper work. By time you get back our ward will have changed so much. I think we have 4-5 new families every month. Our high counselor mentioned there are 700 members in the rathdrum area and mention possibly a new ward and building. You won’t recognize post Falls its growing so fast. New houses and so many apartment buildi gs. They have started work on our church building so that will look different too. We sure miss seeng you every sunday but glad you are enjoying your mission. shirley


    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for all the news from home. Noah and Amaris are there but they tell us nothing!
      I had no idea that they were re-working our chapel, and I didn’t know it was growing so fast. Those high councilmen know what’s going on so it sounds like a new building in Rathdrum. Crazy!! I just hope it feels like home when we get back there. Can you. believe we only have another year?? Time is going by very fast!
      We love you guys – so don’t you go and follow your daughter and move away —!!



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