Too much?

I have been so busy I felt like I’m juggling – and I don’t even know how to juggle! I have defied the laws of gravity and kept more balls in the air than I could ever imagine.

And yet, the electricians of Costa Rica are even more amazing at defying natural law than I am … .

Just a block from the mission office, ALOT is going on in the street. Daily commuters are winding their way through a forest of ladders with calm disregard for the men perched in the wires above them.

Later, we snap this picture as we drive through the street!

The man above is leaning his metal ladder against the electrical wiring, holding himself up by the wires, and NO ONE is even holding his ladder which is in the middle of the street! In fact, his assistant appears to be “helping” by climbing up behind him!

I didn’t get out of the car and ask these men what they were doing and why. I did look at Steve, the engineer, and he just shrugged and said – “Things are different here.”

Uh-hmm. In the US, there would be law suits:-)

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