I love to set goals. And I truly am driven to complete my goals. Going on a mission was a goal I had since I was 14. When I met Steve I wasn’t thinking about marriage. I was still in High School and I had the goal of going to Rick’s College in Rexburg, Idaho. Even though I received in prayer a positive answer to Steve’s proposal, I found delaying my mission a very difficult process.

It was hard to let it go.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the Lord’s plan for your life. Life is kind of like this tree (pictured below). The owners thought to plant it for shade, which is a great idea because the sun is hot here in Costa Rica. The basic plan was good, but the tree outgrew the space and broke the sidewalk. It’s nearly impossible to walk on the sidewalk and enjoy the shade.

Plant tree —-> decorative and good shade for walkers:-)

Grow tree in small space —–> breaks sidewalk. Walkers have to walk in the street. No shade benefit provided, and broken cement is an eyesore.:-(

With our limited vision sometimes we set goals that are too difficult — or even — too easy. It is hard because we can’t see very far ahead of the now. However these difficulties don’t stop me and they shouldn’t stop you either.

REMEMBER, (Insert your name here), your goals will provide direction and purpose in your daily activities, and the Lord will guide your progress. Heavenly Father can do more with your life than you can ever imagine. When you trust God with your life, you are choosing to let God prevail.

You + God = Divine Potential

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Let Go…. Let God!

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