Steve makes a very good chocolate-banana smoothie. I love it! Add granola and it’s even better. A few days ago, I bit down on that granola and came away with a strange piece of material in my mouth. It turned out that it was my tooth!

Really, it was a partial crown I had fixed 10 years ago.

Lucky for us the Garcias, out trainers, had recommended a dentist. Elder Garcia had worked with this dentist to replace all of his crowns while he was on his mission. This highly recommended dentist replaced my broken crown with a zirconium crown – a usual cost of $1800 – for only $385! How lucky am I!

Who knew? Costa Rica is a Dental medical vacation destination! Which is wonderful for me. But the truth is, it still hurt. And so, that is all the work I’m getting done. I hope!

At least now I know where to go if I need it!

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