Independence Day!

It isn’t the 4th of July – its the 15th of September! It marks the day that all Central America gained their independence from Spain. The celebration has television announcements at 6pm with fireworks on the 14 of September and parades on the 15th. Elder Hofhiens and I were able to catch this one in our Escazú neighborhood. It featured dancers, drummers, xylophone players, and all ages of people celebrating their freedom!

We stood in the hot sun watching while the parade participants still had to dodge around cars before they could get their steps in. They were beautiful!

I recognize the drum and the xylophone, but I don’t know what the girl in the middle picture is playing. She was doing some dancing too – salsa dancing!!

The best part about the parade was the people watching, and Costa Ricans love to dress their kids up in red, white and blue! And they turned out so cute! It makes me want to dress up our 5 grandkids – they’d look so cute in red, white and blue!!

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