My favorite Saturday activity?? The Saturday morning street market. It is the best!

The fruit is the freshest! We make a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast, so my motivation is high for seeking out the very best fruit. Plus, I get to try my hand at understanding the natives and using numbers and money! It’s a test!

Vanilla cinnamon ice cream – made by these two friendly women – is absolutely wonderful! Compliment their ice cream and they will tell you exactly how they make it. I understood “grasa” which means “fat” and “canela” which means “cinnamon” – after that – who knows what she said?? But it was a fun conversation and I felt like she really knew her stuff!

Vanilla cinnamon ice cream is about 3500 colones ($5) for three cups. Everything is in liters here, so I am estimating.

We buy Pupusas – sounds like “poopoosas” – from this friendly man. In spite of its unfortunate name, it is delicious! Imagine – creamy frijole, shredded pork, and fresh cheese, nestled inside bread dough, fried to perfection and garnished with sour shredded cabbage – a great Saturday brunch! Yum!

You can barely see the woman behind him frying up a pupusa. A pupusa is 1900 colones, or about $3 a piece.

Costa Ricans love their dogs! The word “pet” is translated as “mascota”. So you can take your family mascot to the feria and find little accessories for them! It’s fun for the whole family!

Seriously, though, I think I am eating healthier here in Costa Rica than I did at home because of this feria – it’s a fun place to shop and meet people!

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