BYU Pathways

A few months ago an elder from our mission returned to his home in El Salvador. All through his mission he had diligently studied English. Just before he left for home, he took an English test on his missionary portal. His score was good enough to earn him a BYU pathways scholarship that cut his registration fees significantly.

Missionaries all over the world take part in English Connect classes. There is a huge economic benefit for English speakers and, knowing this, missionaries eagerly participate in classes. English skills can significantly raise an individual’s income potential, education potential, and leadership potential.

While missionaries are diligently seeking out those who are willing to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they can also be setting goals for their future. A future that is all the more bright because of the opportunity to learn English on their mission.

Sister Marlena Scott served her internship in our mission office and helped with mission housing.

It isn’t just missionaries that enroll in BYU Pathways, but learners of all ages. Sister Scott was enrolled in BYU pathways served a Business class internship to help us get organized. Two of her four children also started in BYU pathways and were able to perfect their English enough to get accepted into universities in the US. She said, “Most people think it’s impossible to get into a US university because it seems impossible, but I tell them that all they have to do is take a class and they will be blessed.”

Working for a brighter future is an act of faith – and that is one principle missionaries truly understand!

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