39 Years!!

Steve and I went touristy — BIG TIME!! We stayed at Shana By the Beach just outside of Quepos – a sleepy little beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. It is the rainy season, so we got a good deal on this very nice hotel. We also got a few bonus visitors!

These white faced Capuchin monkeys can open sliding glass door so we were very sure to lock ours!

Capuchin monkey getting ready to jump to our sliding glass door.
Capuchin monkey enjoying a sugar packet.

We toured Manuel Antonio National park to see a myriad of creatures – including Capuchin, Squirrel and Howler monkeys. Of course, Costa Rica is famous for their sloths and we saw 5 of them! This one is the cutest!!

He is real! They really do look this peaceful. When you learn that they have an entire biosphere living in their fur, you truly wonder how he can be so still. If I get an ant on me I do a crazy dance to get him off!!

We took the missionaries out for lunch while we were there. It is a remote part of the country so they were very happy to see us. They are living in the jungle!

Our trip home added a dash of dangerous adventure…Hurricane Julia had moved through the area. We were unconcerned since most of the storm had passed and the rain wasn’t much worse than Oregon rain at the hotel. So, when our GPS reported a huge traffic snarl on they way home, and then suggested a quicker route, we took it!

We bounced along this “highway” for a good three hours. We didn’t know the road conditions could get this bad and still be considered passable. (In Montana, we’d call this a logging road!) It was truly strange, and a little horrific, to meet busses on these high mountain roads in such bad weather. But, we did get home – and within 4 1/2 hours – so yeah, that’s a win!!

What a Blessing to be on a Mission! What an Adventure!!

We celebrated our 39th Anniversary at a local restaurant and tourist trap, El Avion!

2 thoughts on “39 Years!!

  1. Sounds like you had fun. So happy for you both. Kim – you’re doing something you have wanted to do since high school. I’m glad you’re doing it with someone like Steve. Congrats on 39 years. You two are awesome!!!!!!!! Love MOM


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