Phases of Discipleship

IN MORTAL life we grow and change physically, interact and relate socially, learn, experiment and connect to God’s creations daily. As we accept Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost through baptismal covenants, we begin a new, more spiritual life.

At Manuel Antonio Nat’l Park we learned of the Blue Morpho butterfly. It molts 5 times before forming a chrysalis. That’s a lot of changing for a little critter!!

Most of us are probably in the ever-changing caterpillar stage of being a Disciple of Christ. And yet, there is a lot of joy in the process of becoming more like Him. Much of my joy has come from accepting callings to serve and teach in church.

A Blue Morpho butterfly, from Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, hides his true colors when he is at rest.

As I studied and prepared to teach, the spirit often touched my heart and influenced every part of my life. In time, I noticed a difference in me. For one thing – I prioritized my family life – with relationships getting more of my time. But mainly, I was happier, and that affected everyone in the family!

I was molting like a caterpillar! Shedding the “natural man”, and becoming more fully a Disciple of Christ.

The Blue Morpho butterfly finally develops into a beautiful butterfly. When he is fully engaged in flying, he is absolutely vibrant!

It is true that when we fully engage in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we create an environment within us where the Spirit of Christ can dwell. This godly association works a change in us, and we can more easily exchange our bad habits and tendencies for the love of Christ and the whisperings of the Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Phases of Discipleship

  1. That butterfly is beautiful. Every country has it’s specialties. I.’m happy that you could see this and enjoy. You9r analogy is great. Love MOM


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