Send it how?

I have started sending out mailing instructions to parents. We’ve had two missionaries whose parents sent gifts via the website address. They spent hours visiting various offices, and paying various fees. Most of them give up and just let customs keep the gifts.

Basically, there is no postal service here in Costa Rica. No one delivers the mail, and with addresses like these how could they?

This is a real address for a missionary from Costa Rica!!!

Using courier services, the parents really make a great Christmas for their missionaries! This is only about a fifth of the entire Christmas delivery. It was sweet to see that many parents sent gifts for “compañeros” too.

I love the excitement of the missionaries! There is energy and excitement in the air! And even our Escazu is catching the holiday spirit. They finally finished their main plaza and the whole place is festive!

And the weather is so nice its hard to stay inside!

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