In the Spanish version of the Book of Mormon, the act of giving birth is described as “giving a light” or dio a luz. IN Luke 2, Mary “dio a luz a su hijo primogénito”. In English, it simply says that (Mary) “brought forth her first born son”. Considering both stories, I love the Spanish language translation and its description of birth as “giving light”.

While “giving light” may be a simple euphemism, it is a descriptive word picture of bringing children into this world.

JESUS CHRIST is described as the Light of the World. All good things come from Him. Every baby born into this world come trailing clouds of glory, being intrinsically good. Yet it is through loving parents that children are instructed in what is good and what is not. This is not an easy task – as my son with two young children recently learned. His two children did not want to sleep. Through creative and courageous parenting his children are in the process of learning that our human bodies need sleep, healthy food, mental stimulation, and even spiritual sustenance.

Following the light includes following Heavenly Father’s prophet on earth. President Russell M. Nelson recently encouraged us in our resolutions –

First, make the decision to strengthen your spiritual foundation. Study the scriptures, pray more often, attend the Temple and let God prevail in every aspect of your life.

Secondly, resolve to be kind to others. Be compassionate, understanding, slow to judge and quick to forgive.

Third, determine to stand firm. Our persistent efforts to listen to Him and follow the inspiration He gives will help us be continually “strengthened in the Spirit.”

Russell M. Nelson: summarized from Instagram.

“We need men and women who reflect His light by being peacemakers.… As we follow Jesus Christ, we can share His light and make this a better world.”

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