We caught it…

We have enjoyed three of the healthiest years ever, but this January Covid caught up to us and we were down for the count,… and I still have full sinuses!

We were soon enticed out of our doldrums by this lady in the Nike sweatshirt, Adriana Bolanes. She is the wonderful woman who does the luncheons for all the missionary zone conferences. She invited us to see Volcan Poas with her and her family.

Elder and Sister Bjornson, Adriana Bolanos, Kim and Steve Hofhiens

Vulcan Poas is a live volcano. We got to see it when it was in a calm and serene mood. The lake in the crater comes and goes, but the gasses are ever present, and dangerous. Signs were posted to warn all visitors to take a step back and breath fresh air every ten minutes or so.

Sister Bolanos has a fun family. From left, her granddaughter, Izzie, entertained us with her dancing at the picnic. Her daughter Mariana, Her mother, youngest son Diego, her mother-in-law, husband, Adriana, and oldest son, Marco. I don’t remember all of their names, but I do know this – they are a happy family!

After we visited the volcano, we picnicked at La Terraza de Luna. We all brought something – sandwiches, fruit salad, chips, vegies and dip. It was very good, very entertaining…. and the view was nice too.

A young couple in our ward call Costa Rica – The Land of Eternal Spring – and it is! I just don’t understand why some of our founding fathers didn’t come down here to Costa Rica and annex a part of it for the United States. It is a beautiful country!!

One thought on “We caught it…

  1. Its so great having friends everywhere we go that help us find happiness and meaning in life. Costa Rica sounds like an awesome place to be. We too have had covid this last week which is still hanging on and no fun. Can’t wait to get my taste back. Lol. We miss you but so glad for your service. Suppose you have heard but the Budges are going to Japan to service as office workers. They are so excited. Take care and be safe.


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