Elder Hofhiens and I have been on a mission for exactly one year as of today – January 31. We’ve paid for our mission car ever since we received it in March of 2022. And we legally drove it until May of 2022. Ever since May 11, we have driven illegally. Why? Mainly because our immigration lawyers haven’t been able to get us a VISA.

This week we got our first ticket – a parking ticket! We are truly being blessed, because we don’t even have to pay the ticket with proof of Visa. We simply have to pay it at a bank!

We really feel Heavenly Father is watching out for us because we are trying to be legal. We’ve paid all the fees and gathered all the documents, but our visa appts are only now coming through – mine Feb 8 and Steve’s March 21st!

Our friends help us look on the bright side. They said that we could start driving mopeds. No one in Costa Rica needs a license to drive a moped!

Those young missionaries would be so jealous!!

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